To add removed apps back to the home screen, go to App Library and look for the app that you want to add back. In this case, simply swipe down on the App Library page and an app search bar will pop-up with all your apps listed in alphabetical order. That’s it. If you can’t find the particular app in app folders then search for the app in App Library. To delete an app, long tap the app’s icon (present at the left side) and tap “Delete App”. Have you been enjoying the new changes in iOS 14? With iOS 14 and iPadOS, you can delete some built-in Apple apps from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Apple Watch. Head to the App Library section by scrolling past the last page on your home screen. Enjoy this tip? I have seen this attitude of Apple with other organizations: “We pretty much know what’s best for you.” I’m getting tired of it. App Library can be thought of as similar to Android’s app drawer, located right past the last home screen page on your iPhone. How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram, iOS 14 App Library: Frequently Asked Questions, How to hide apps from App Library in iOS 14, How to delete apps from App Library in iOS 14, How to add apps back to your home screen in iOS 14, How to use Widgetsmith to customize your iPhone home screen, Guide to Use Widget Smith in iOS 14 on iPhone and iPad, How to Manually Adjust Keyboard Brightness on M1 MacBook Air, How to Send Gift-Wrapped Messages in Messenger 2020, From AirPower to MagSafe: The impact on iPhone Accessories Ecosystem, How to Download Files from Google Drive App to iPhone, How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram 2020, How to Send Files and Documents on Messenger for Android. Select “Delete App” and then tap Delete to confirm. To access the App … Still, it does keep your home screen cleaned up quite nicely. How the 'Suggestions' Category Works. Just follow the above steps to re-show any app pages that you hid earlier. What if you want to move the apps stored in your App Library back to the home screen or what if you want to delete an app stored here? Now long-press on an empty space in the App Library to enter jiggle mode or edit mode. Although there’s no direct way to disable this feature, there are alternative options that you can try out. For the uninitiated, we are talking about one of the coolest things that iOS 14 has to offer – the App Library. So, let’s get right into it. When you do that, you can still find them in the App Library. iPhone users can edit Widget and Home screen like Hiding pages and Apps Arrange into this. After then unhide when you want. This will permanently delete the particular app from your iPhone or iPad. Do you want to manually create app groups in the App Library? Even before you remove apps from your Home screen, you can still use iOS 14’s App Library to find every app on your iPhone. Swipe to the app page with the app icon you want to remove. You will bump into a page, in the end, that has all the apps categorized and arranged in folders. As a Technology enthusiast and an Internet addict, he loves sharing useful How To’s and Tips & Tricks. Alternatives to Disabling App Library in iOS 14. Just like in iOS 13, this activates the editing mode in iOS 14. If you’ve been fiddling around with the new iOS 14 update, you may have seen it and tried to get a hang of it already. This is it. The practice makes it hard to use the App Library menu as it requires too much swiping on the home screen. Moving apps to the App Library does not truly hide the apps the same way that hiding photos works in iOS 14. Once you're done with the process, the pages that you remove will not appear on the Home screen. Now you’ve learned how to delete apps from the App Library or move them back to the home screen. If you want to set iOS 14’s App Library as your home screen then that’s not possible. Here’s How to Fix & Troubleshoot. © 2021 OS X Daily. What does Other Viewers mean on a Facebook Story? Now long tap on the app icon that you want to delete. The first option is to tap on the search bar at the top of your App Library and search for the app you want to get rid of or scroll down until you find it. It is always there and you cannot get rid of App Library if it bothers you. To move an app stored in the App Library back to the home screen, long-press on the app icon and choose “Add to Home Screen” as shown in the screenshot below. The new App Library in iOS 14 is a simple idea that proves to be a huge boon to productivity. App Library can only be accessed by swiping past the last home screen page on your iPhone. Tap “Done” after moving the apps. App Library, similar to the app drawer on Android is an interesting addition in iOS 14. In case your apps are scattered across several screens then you can hide home screen app pages in iOS 14 for a cleaner look. It automatically sorts all the apps by category and organizes them in folders. However, if you happen to dislike this new feature then there nothing much you can do about it. Then, tap on the “X” icon to access the delete option. Long press a blank part of your Home screen until the apps start to wiggle. All Rights Reserved. If you’ve been swiping left on your iPad trying to open the App Library, it’s time to stop. iPadOS 14 has also been released alongside iOS 14 but it is an extremely watered down, unimpressive version of iOS 14. While we are at it, we will drop some useful pointers too! The App Library is a feature coming in iOS 14 that acts as a central repository of all your apps. The App Library is an all-new way in iOS 14 to store your apps without needing them to appear on the Home Screen. Shop on and help support OSXDaily! Apple’s iOS 14 update came with a lot of brand new features. The newest update drove me crazy! These are good questions, but we have the answer. No, you cannot as they’re created automatically based on iOS’s intelligence categorization. Make the damn thing configurable in settings. Alternatives to Using App Library, iTunes Library XML File Missing? And […] Here’s how to move to your iPhone’s App Library. Select “Delete App” and then tap Delete to confirm. The icons will jiggle, and you will be able to delete and move apps around. How to Downgrade macOS Big Sur to Catalina or Mojave, How to Delete Apps from iPhone & iPad via App Store with a Gesture Trick, How to Block & Unblock Email Addresses on Mail for Mac, Beta 1 of MacOS Big Sur 11.2, iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4 Released for Testing, iOS 14.3 & iPadOS 14.3 Update Downloads Available Now, macOS Big Sur 11.1 Update Released to Download, Release Candidate for MacOS Big Sur 11.1 Released for Testing, iOS 14.3 Release Candidate Available for Beta Testers, How to Automatically Delete Emails from Blocked Senders on iPhone & iPad Mail, How to Fix iPhone / iPad Keyboard Missing or Disappearing, How to Start & Stop Sharing Apple Music with Family Members, Can’t Access the 3-Month Fitness+ Trial? From helping you organize your Home Screen better, to letting you take care of unwanted apps, it’s got your back. If you have accidentally moved an app to App Library then it can’t be accessed from the home screen. In this article, we’ll cover how you can move and delete apps from App Library. This is because those apps are stored in folders, but we’ll get to them in a second. Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Go to the App Library and open a certain group. All the Apps on your iPhone appear in the App Library. Your email address will not be published. The App Library is a feature new with iOS 14 that automatically groups your apps by categories such as Suggestions, Recently Added, and themes like Games, Lifestyle, and Productivity. Search for the app you’re looking for. Disgusting intrusion on users ability and desire to organise their own workspace in whatever way they choose – wish I’d never downloaded the update – took nearly two hours to get “MY” Home Screen organised in the way I use “MY” phone. And the great news is that it's available right now, to everyone with a compatible iPhone. App Library in iOS 14 is a welcome addition and here to make your life easier through and through. With iOS 14 you can choose to delete apps from these Home screens while keeping them on your device. This website and third-party tools use cookies for functional, analytical, and advertising purposes. When the jiggle mode is active, tap the page dots icon shown right above the app dock. One of those features is the App Library, which stores your Apps in category folders. We will update this article as more features come in. Then tap the app and drag it to one of your home screens. TIP: Having less home screen pages makes it easier to access the App Library. One of these features is the App Library, a feature that Android users are more familiar with. Here’s How to Troubleshoot, AirPods Not Working? Now I can get rid of useless apps. Then, tap on the “X” icon to access the delete option. The reason being, Apple hasn’t included enough settings to tweak or customize the App Library as per the user’s preference. For all those of you who’ve been craving and yearning to have options to “well organize” your apps on the iPhone, the App Library is here. Here you will see “App Library” written at the top in the search bar. I can no longer find where my Apps are …. Heading back into the App Library, if an app is already on one of your home screens (visible or hidden), the “Add to Home Screen” option won’t appear in the context menu. Enter your email address below: Did it occur to you folks that there might be some apps we would prefer to hide from prying eyes? We can bury them in Home Screen folders, but the App Folder displays them even if we turn off all references in Settings>{App name}>Siri & Search. The new App Library from iOS 14. Keep your Home screen clean but all your apps available with these easy steps. 3 Different Ways to Mark Spoilers on Discord, How to Delete Thug Life Game from Facebook Messenger. As you know iOS 14 has many new features. To move apps from App Library to one of the home pages, press and hold an empty space in the App Library until you see the jiggle mode. Again, click on 'Delete' to confirm the action. Strangely enough, this approach worked on my iPhone XS Max, but not on my iPhone 12 Pro. Although it didn’t quite dawn on me when Apple announced the App Library, it is a radical rethink of how app storage works in iOS. You can review our privacy policy for additional information. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ada837ceb5158611a261305321cba0fa" );document.getElementById("i7b796a9bf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); About OSXDaily | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Sitemap. There are two ways to do so. The App Library on iOS 14 was introduced to help you keep your apps organized. Thanks! You may have noticed Apple has a new look for the iPhone home screen coming this fall. If you delete the Music app, you'll be unable to play audio content in its library using Apple apps or third-party apps on some car stereos or stereo receivers. how you can automatically move downloaded apps to the App Library, set your device to automatically move installed apps directly to the Recently Added section of your App Library, the new Picture in Picture video mode could come in handy quite often, How to Delete iPhoto Library, but Why You Probably Don’t Need to, Can You Disable App Library on iOS 14 / iPhone? Updated your iPhone to iOS 14 just recently? For that, you’ll need to rely on Spotlight search. App Library on iPadOS. Since the recent September 16 release, Apple users all over the internet have mixed opinions about the addition. Alternate Way – Search for an app in the App Libary. Are you looking to hide dating apps like Tinder from the App Library? So you can hide the remaining home screen pages on the iPhone and quickly access the App Library menu with a single swipe on the home screen. What’s your favorite feature so far? The good news is, iOS 14 now allows you to hide or remove home screen pages on your iPhone. Apple in iOS 14 redesigned the Home Screen for the first time in a long time, introducing an App Library that lets you hide apps, widgets that can be placed among apps… It automatically categorizes similar apps into folders, offers a handy search feature, and provides you with suggestions and recently added items with a tap. While you can’t remove apps from the App Library, you can delete or uninstall apps from the App Library itself. RELATED: How to Remove Apps and Pages from Your iPhone's Home Screen. Your email address will not be published. Within this feature, Apple gives its users the option to move, delete, and hide unwanted pages of apps and clean up their home screen. Although App Library serves as a quick and convenient way to keep your apps organized and properly sorted, it doesn’t do a great job if you want to open certain apps as fast as possible. ALSO READ: How to use Widgetsmith to customize your iPhone home screen. This will permanently delete the particular app from your iPhone or iPad. Or, if you’re a multitasker, a feature like the new Picture in Picture video mode could come in handy quite often. While you can’t edit the App Library, you can make changes to your Home Screen. Tap Done once again. Don’t Swipe Past the Last Home Screen Page. However, as it currently stands, it’s fairly limited. Here's how to use the App Library to better organize your iPhone. Delete an app from the App Library Go to the App Library and tap the search field to open the list. Hence, if you’re looking for a way to turn off or disable App Library in iOS 14 then that’s not possible. Next, long-press anywhere within the folder to enter jiggle or edit mode. Both of these show up at the top of the App Library and come in handy. Apple's head of software engineering Craig Federighi demonstrates how the new App Library feature for iOS 14 automatically organizes your apps. Great tips as always! But how do you make that work? It isn’t there. Go to the App Library and open a certain group. Anyway, let’s talk about the iOS 14 App library now, a feature … Fortunately, in iOS 14 and later, Apple allows you to hide individual pages of apps from sight. Mayur Agarwal is the founder and editor-in-chief of WebTrickz. We hope you were able to get the most out of the App Library feature that iOS 14 has to offer. Do share your valuable opinions and experiences in the comments section down below. Hope you found this article handy, and do drop in your comments below in case you have any. Now, tap and hold the app, and select the 'Delete' option. To delete an app stored in a folder, you’ll need to open the respective folder by tapping on the small app icons in the App Library. How to Troubleshoot & Fix AirPods, iCloud Backup Failed on iPhone or iPad? We will not bore you with explanation, rather get straight into it, listing most of the questions you may have or get in the journey of using this feature. I realize Apple owns the phone and the software, but you know what? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That's all there is to remove App Pages on iOS 14's Home screen. One of the most interesting additions that come with the iOS 14 update is the new App Library. Unfortunately, iOS 14 provides no way to hide or remove apps from the App Library. Theres Apple apps I don’t need or want, ie stocks & game center, and since they’re not part of the os, I s/b able to delete them. Apple added an App Library to the iPhone with the release of iOS 14. Here's how it could become your most-used iOS 14 … From your home page, keep swiping right, till you are done with all the multiple home pages you may have. Only the Apps you wish to see appear on your Home Screen. And, with widgets in the new iOS 14, you can place those on your home screen instead. To move apps back to the home screen, you’ll need to manually drag and drop them on the home screen. You can ask your Android homies to take a pause for a cause from trolling you off the cliff. Like the App Drawer on Android, any apps not on your home screen will be stored in the App Library. Touch and hold the app icon, then tap Delete App. When prompted, choose “Delete” to confirm. The iOS 14 update is set to change the game when it … Here’s How to Create One, Apple Event Set for October 13, New 5G iPhone 12 Expected, How to Turn On COVID Exposure Notifications in iOS 14. Uncheck any app pages that you want to hide. aggghhh ! Here’s How to Fix, 5G Not Working on iPhone 12? To delete an app stored in a folder, you’ll need to open the respective folder by tapping on the small app icons in the App Library. I am sick of Apple & Microsoft telling you how to do things. They can have both! Apple intended the App Library to replace excessive, disorganized Home screens which hold apps you don’t use that often. By continuing to browse the site, closing this banner, scrolling this webpage, or clicking a link, you agree to these cookies. Long-press an empty area on the home screen or an app page. The App library, widgets, privacy controls, and iOS 14 as a whole are proof of that. If you have a lot of apps installed then locating a specific app in the various app groups can be difficult. Perhaps, you may already know how to hide your pages or how you can automatically move downloaded apps to the App Library. It’s something that’s not enabled by default. App Library, the new widgets, the Translate app and improved Messages and Maps are all part of iOS 14. Now, the App Library will automatically store all of your apps to the right of your primary home screen. Still, it … 1. Next, long-press anywhere within the folder to enter jiggle or edit mode. We hope Apple adds an option to turn off the App Library in the future iOS updates. Now long tap on the app icon that you want to delete. With iOS 14, Apple has introduced a new feature known as the App Library, which tries to intelligently organize different apps into folders based on categories, such as suggested apps… Over the past 13 years I have refined my app organization and in one split second Apple erased that. Tap the minus (-) symbol on the top left of the app icon. Most features from iOS 14 did not make it to iPadOS 14 and the App Library is one of them. Instead, you’ll have to enter Jiggle mode. A home screen with a host of apps or even a black home screen (with just the dock) will always be there along with the App Library. All trademarks and copyrights on this website are property of their respective owners. Tap the “Done” button at the top right corner. The App Library automatically suggests what apps you may be wanting to use, based on your usage in the “Suggestions” box and all of your recently used apps are grouped into the “Recently Added” group. To be frank, you cannot disable the App Library for now. Now, tap on the “X” icon next to any app here to delete it from your iPhone. Once you do this, you’ll be able to find and launch the app from your home screen. That said, the app may not be always visible in the App Library depending on your usage. Long-pressing any app icon will let you move it to only the App Library by tapping Remove App then Move … You can also hide entire Home screens in iOS 14. So, without further ado, let’s get started. How to Delete Apps from Your Home Screen in iOS 14. So, while you can remove the app’s icon from the home screen, the app is always accessible from the App Library. To hide additional pages of apps in iOS 14, follow the steps below. The new App Library in iOS 14 can be useful, especially if you tend to download a lot of apps. Moving apps back to the home screen and deleting apps directly from the App Library is not as complicated as you may think. Also Read | IOS 14 Public Beta 5 Released With Features For Hidden Albums And Revised Widgets Tap the ‘Remove app’ option to delete the app. Ready to remove an app from your home screen? Required fields are marked *. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Removing individual apps from the home screen If you want an app to exist in the App Library but do not want an icon on your home screen, that’s easy to do. To delete an app from the App Library, you simply need to launch the app and click on the search bar to bring up the list. You won’t see the delete option next to smaller app icons in the App Library. Then long tap on the app’s icon and select “Add to Home Screen”. The first collection, called "Suggestions," shows four apps … In that case, you may be interested in adding widgets to your home screen and give it a completely different look. Tap Delete again to confirm. If you haven’t set up App Library properly on your iPhone, you may want to learn how you can set your device to automatically move installed apps directly to the Recently Added section of your App Library.

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