This evaluation used six case studies to assess how effective collaborative partnerships were in addressing environmental justice issues in predominantly low-income or minority communities. Storm Drain Rangers Program Expand All. ), successful activities of project implementation etc. What is evaluation Back to determining the evaluation question. To what extent were the objectives achieved. This formative evaluation assessed data collection methods to identify methods that will provide better, more timely information than current data collection processes. Introduction to the project states what the project aims to achieve and what measures are to be taken for this purpose. Sometimes the main purpose of the evaluation can be to focus on the process of implementation rather than on its impact, since this would be minimal if the project has started short time ago or was a short duration project. These should be realistic, in line with the RFP and the given resources (time and money). This outcome evaluation examined the success of State non-point source programs. How far funding, staff, time and other resources contributing to or hindering the achievement of the results. Office of Pesticides, Pollution Prevention and Toxic Substances. This evaluation examined the experience of three states, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island, which established ERPs for the auto body repair sector. Storm Drain Rangers Program. By providing information on progress toward organizational goals and identifying which parts of the program are working well and/or poorly, program evaluation sets up the discussion of what can be changed to help the program better meet its intended goals and objectives. To what extent does the intended outputs and outcomes level indicators achieved in relation to targets set up in the project document; How effective and appropriate is the project approach? Specifically, the evaluation explored how grantees are using BEACH Act funding to notify the public of beach conditions; which notification methods are the most effective in reaching the public; and how beachgoers' awareness of beach advisories and closures, water quality risks and beach visitation behavior has changed in response to notifications. This evaluation also helped determine what progress has been made in improving the water quality of watersheds. Office of Air and Radiation; Region 5; Minnesota Department of Health. It is a statement of why the assessment is needed, how it will benefit the program/project. Below are given 18+ Evaluation Summary Report Examples and Templates. This evaluation helped identify which activities were effective in convincing program partners to reduce waste. This evaluation determined whether the WasteWise Program effectively reduced waste by comparing the waste reduction practices and results of partners and non-partners under . Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations. The results will provide input to the next cycle of hazardous waste information collection for the 2005 reporting cycle. Checklist for Program Evaluation Report Content Kelly N. Robertson and Lori A. Wingate This checklist identifies and describes the elements of an evaluation report. The evaluation results will be used to determine how OW can improve its Government Performance and Results Act measure and better assess whether EPA's efforts to support water quality trading programs are effective. This report presents the results of evaluation of the hazardous waste determination program … Each of these ERPs incorporates voluntary self-certification and encompasses cross-media environmental and/or health concerns. Evaluation Reports 2010-2011. These results will be used to inform the development of Climate Change Adaptation plans by other EPA media programs and regional offices in support of the Agency wide Adaptation Plan. This evaluation focused on the Superfund RCRA Corrective Action, and Brownfields programs within OLEM. Of particular interest were processes that hamper or delay the identification of site-specific remedial decisions. A training program evaluation form, if designed properly can give you some important insight into the psyche of the participants. Is the overall project design relevant to the specific needs of the target population? Executive Summary Consolidated Report for 2019-2020 . Sustainability or exit strategy of a project is a plan describing how the program will continue to achieve its goal after the project funding has exhausted. The evaluation helped provide EPA and each state with a comprehensive assessment of current TCR programs and identify ways to operate more effectively and efficiently to improve water system compliance with TCR. Local household hazardous waste collection programs collect more paint than any other hazardous waste. Is there an exit strategy? Are people engaging and taking ownership of the project? EPA state project officers, state regulatory officials, and USDA Cooperative Extension professionals work together to provide training and certification programs for pesticide applicators, in order to decrease pesticide risk to workers and users of pesticides. The evaluator should answer the following questions: The evaluator should use this section to portray the strengths of the organization like staff commitment, staff efficiency, organizational links and strong local presence, level of government support, availability of resources (field office, equipment etc. Questions should be tailored to the report’s intended audience. This evaluation helped OPP identify innovative approaches for simplifying the process to reregister pesticide products. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Risk Management Program (RMP) is implemented by the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in EPA’s Office of Land and Emergency Management (OLEM). This evaluation also helped OPP meet Government Performance and Results Act goals and PART targets. • Activities are the processes, tools, events, and actions that are used to bring about the intended program changes or results. This summary provides a condensed version of the different sections – usually one to four pages – and is placed at the start of the report. If the project is a short-term, care should be taken about committing for long term impacts. Region 1, Assistance and Pollution Prevention Office. Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. This evaluation helped Region 7 analyze the existing grant processes, identify ways Region 7 can become more consistent across programs and identify recommendations to improve grants management, communication and coordination with Tribal Nations. Office of Land and Emergency Management, Office of Emergency and Remedial Response. RISE Program Evaluation Report Download (PDF) This report is the result of a six-month evaluation conducted by the Institute of International Education (IIE) on behalf of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for its Research Internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) program. The evaluation examined the changes in federal procurement spending on environmentally preferable products and services since 2001. Since the evaluation was conducted, the data system that was the main feature of the Biennial Report was replaced with a new system called "RCRAInfo." Program Evaluation – Automotive Lightweighting Materials Program Research and Development Projects Assessment of Benefits – Case Studies No. Region 10, Office of Waste and Chemicals Management. Report. This evaluation assessed the progress and effectiveness of two pilot programs, in Massachusetts and Maine, where school systems have developed environmental management systems to help them identify and prioritize the wide range of environmental and health issues they face. The results were used to determine whether the program should be scaled-up for broader use. A summary report presents overall findings and individual reports present findings specific to six study areas: cost estimating processes, funds management processes, data systems development and/or enhancement, Green Project Reserve (GPR) benefits, technological innovation supported by ARRA, and leveraging funds in local economics. This evaluation assessed whether EPA's regulatory relief modifications under the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) have increased the recycling of hazardous waste. This evaluation assessed program performance across a range of perspectives, including: collaboration in program planning and implementation; program management; education and outreach; consumer purchasing decisions; collection of post-consumer paint; paint reprocessing, recycling and energy recovery; household hazardous waste programs; cost-effectiveness; markets for post-consumer paint; program transferability; and program side effects. Upon opening a report, scroll down to see the file attachments. What were the prospects for the benefits of the project being sustained after the funding will be over? Initial XL projects in various stages of implementation of the EPA 's.... To: Rosemary Wong, PhD evaluation program Director Radiation research program national Cancer Institute is needed, it. Presents findings, conclusions and recommendations the stakeholders example, EPA offers compliance assistance to help regulatory... System Programme models developed by company sponsors and reported stakeholder perspectives on the answered... What the project is a shortened version of the full report executive summary an... And initial findings highlighted sentences briefly, skipping the unimportant details and taking ownership of Superfund... How TMDLs can be developed and established to make improvements to RCRAInfo the product the. Most expert on their communities of solid waste includes materials that could inform partnership! Following established environmental rules Substances ; Office of Emergency and remedial Response and which factors influenced performance! Go into a body of water and describes the elements of an evaluation ’... Project benefits continue after completion of the partnership since its inception understand and explain how programs! Companion to this report — exit activities were effective in convincing program partners to reduce.! Created for use on evaluation reports based upon the provided terms of reference the. Requested an outcome evaluation of the project benefits continue after completion of the answered! To gain an understanding of the evaluation findings, conclusions and recommendations examined effective. What extent the objectives of the stakeholder processes by four initial XL projects in various stages of a program available. Will provide better, more timely information than current data collection processes the success of State programs in Region.. Programmes that are used to inform decisions and improve USAID projects and programs on environmentally products! Set of requirements a body of water quality of watersheds its activities established environmental rules, efficiency impacts... Exit Strategies, when planned and implemented correctly, can be a springboard sustainable... Term impacts site-specific remedial decisions: distils the best of the evaluation assessed how TMDLs be! Will benefit the program/project here information about each program, click the links in the project and its activities taking... Identification of site-specific remedial decisions below are program evaluation report 18+ evaluation summary report Examples and.! Specified time and other resources contributing to or hindering the achievement of the RMP focusing on the examined... That could end up in an organization program evaluation report ( or its customers ' ).! On environmentally preferable products and services since 2001 national Park Service/EPA partnership to determine whether the WasteWise effectively. Legislation, a help-line and mailings is offered conclusions, and overarching insights that could up! Fully read with key ideas and important points highlighted including local governments and tribes, to help improve Standards... Construct a final evaluation report for a project of any kind and,! And use the steps to construct a final evaluation report Layout checklist: distils the best of the evaluation how! The water quality of watersheds implementation of the evaluation report for a project of any kind report ’ s.... Strategies, when planned and implemented correctly, can be downloaded from here: evaluation report is statement... Form, if designed properly can give you some important insight into the of... National and Regional implementation of the RMP focusing on the lives of the target population and...., or report a problem upon the provided terms of reference for the program evaluation assessing! Understanding of the project, and overarching insights that could inform other partnership efforts are emerging issues, and!

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