why is my alexa smart plug blinking red and blue

The easy fix is to make sure you are using the original power supply that came with the unit. Scroll down to Voice Training and select the option. Of course, as a smart home blogger, my job is to look into why that happens and what we can do to fix it. While the plug is on, press the small button that has a icon of a gear, and hold it for 15 seconds. I've got a bunch of Alexa Smart plugs and a load of echo dots in the house already, so was figuring I could plug the cables through a smart plug for ease of control/setting schedules/etc. Why is my smart plug blinking red and blue | Why is my smart plug blinking red and blue Check that your device is within 30 ft (9 m) of your Amazon Smart Plug. I'm installing heat cables on the roof to prevent ice dams and will plug it into an outside outlet. Alexa is a virtual assistant that controls Amazon Echo smart speakers and other smart devices with voice commands. Once it does that, set up your plug again in the Kasa app by adding it. Follow the guide to repeat 25 commands. Open the Alexa app and select Settings. The Amazon Echo Blue Ring is the most common light ring you will see on your Amazon Alexa device. Disconnect immediately. The blue ring signifies that your Alexa device is processing the request. Wait for a few seconds until the red light vanishes. You may also get the Amazon Echo blue ring if your Alexa device has restarted and is in the process of booting up. Make sure that your Alexa device and your Amazon Smart Plug are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Keep it turned on, and check if the microphone button is also flashing red. After you let go, the plug will boot up again, and it shoud now blink between amber and green. In this case, confirm all connections, including those of the hub. A few hours later, I walked into the bedroom and told Alexa to turn on the light, and it said that it couldn't find any devices. The smart plugs LED indicator will blink quickly in red if it is out of range of the hub. Simply press the microphone button that is flashing red. I hooked it up to the lamp in my bedroom, and it worked well to begin with. You will get it every time you give a voice command to Alexa. The other day my Alexa got stuck on a solid blue ring of death and I had no idea why. Reset your Amazon Smart Plug: press and hold the button on the side of the device for 12 seconds. If it is blinking very quickly, the connected electric device is drawing too much current or wattage. Alexa and Echo usually work seamlessly together, but sometimes problems can arise. Here's how to quickly troubleshoot the eight most common issues you may encounter with Alexa and your Echo devices. Don’t plug out your Amazon Alexa. Select the Alexa device you want to train. Then set up Amazon Smart Plug again. Flashing red on the top ring and the microphone button simultaneously means you have accidentally or purposely muted the mic. Say them aloud for Alexa to … I looked at the smart plug, and the led was blinking red. Whether they're blinking or running in rings, the colors on your Alexa smart speakers and displays can tell you more than you think. If the LED is red, it is still trying to connect to the old wirless network. Unless you have multiple Echos, your Echo Dot should be the only option. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, and the led blinked blue.

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